Huang Xiaoming meets his first love via reality show

Fans wonder if actor’s wife Angelababy will be jealous


Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, 38, appeared on a Chinese reality show recently and caught up with his childhood first love through the programme.

But the lady seemed to have changed over the years, leading Xiaoming to remark, “She looks the same, but she has put on weight.”


Xiaoming and she were neighbours and friends since young. She paid a visit to Xiaoming’s family home and asked the actor about the wooden swords they used to play with. Xiaoming then recalled that he had stabbed her on the nose with one, and he asked, “Did it leave a scar?”

He unconsciously reached out and touched her nose to make sure he hadn't maimed her, and he asked, “I don’t think you’ll demand that I take care of you for life, right?”

His comments led many fans to worry that his wife, actress and model Angelababy, 26, would get jealous of how affectionate he was with a former love.

Xiaoming and Angelababy married last October.

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