Huang Xiaoming opens up about Angelababy’s face exam

Actor says his model wife did it to protect their future children

Angelababy, Huang Xiaoming

Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, 38, has spoken for the first time about his wife, model and actress Angelababy, 26, undergoing tests to prove she hasn’t done plastic surgery.

At a recent Tissot event in Hong Kong, the actor said he was hurt that rumours of Angelababy being a surgically enhanced beauty refuse to die, and at the start he objected to her going for medical verification, saying it would harm her health and wasn’t necessary as long as her conscience was clear.


“But Angelababy insisted on going for three reasons. One, if she goes for the tests after she gets pregnant, the toll on her health will be worse. Two, the doctors’ diagnoses will be useful proof for future defamation lawsuits against rumourmongers. Three, she doesn’t want our future children to see these false reports and feel ashamed. She wants to prove to them that Mummy has never gone for plastic surgery,” Xiaoming explained.

The actor reluctantly agreed to let Angelababy go for medical verification. The entire process was circulated to the press, and the doctors at Beijing’s Plastic Surgery Hospital (Institute) confirmed in October that she’s all-natural. But some netizens refused to believe the verdict, saying Chinese doctors can easily be bribed.

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