Huang Xiaoming plans to buy 4 houses for Angelababy

The couple plan to purchase four love nests and are scheduling a big celebration in October

Huang Xiaoming plans to buy 4 houses for Angelababy

The hottest Hong Kong couple Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming recently registered for marriage last Wednesday (May 27) because the date “5.27”, sounds similar to “I love my wife” when pronounced in Chinese.

It is rumoured that on the night of the registration, the pair organised a dinner with close friends and relatives (majority of them were Xiaoming’s). Three hours into the dinner, Xiaoming and Angelababy made their escape and drove to his home to enjoy the night of their marriage alone.

At noon the next day, the newlyweds left Qingdao for Beijing to return to work.

Huang Xiaoming plans to buy 4 houses for Angelababy

An informed source revealed that the 37-year-old Chinese actor plans to hold a luxurious wedding in Shanghai later this year in October, plus another large-scale wedding in Qingdao to let his 86-year-old grandmother witness the joyous occasion.

The insider also said that he plans to buy four houses in Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong to become their love nests, so that his wife doesn’t have to keep living in hotels when she’s working.

Friends of the couple said that Xiaoming has always been eager to become a father and he’s confirmed it by saying, “My Angelababy must have a baby”.

Angela, currently 26, has also expressed that she will fulfil his wishes by beginning to cut down on her work next year because she plans to start the new family by the age of 30.

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