Huang Xiaoming promises to marry Angelababy next year

But the Chinese actor has not set an exact date for the once-in-a lifetime occasion

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy

Ever since celebrity couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy went public with their relationship in March, marriage rumours have been rife since then. And it seems the former is one step closer to wedding bells when he announced yesterday that he will marry the actress-model next year.

The actor, who turned 37 last month, held a birthday party in Shanghai yesterday with his fans and spent approximately S$210,000 on diamond rings, gold necklaces, red wine and other lavish gifts to thank them for their support.

Currently promoting his latest film Women Who Flirt, Xiaoming had initially promised to marry Angelababy if ticket sales exceed RMB$1billion (approximately S$2.13million) but yesterday, he declared that they will tie the knot next year regardless of how the movie performs.

When asked if Angelababy would get jealous seeing him spend so much on his fans, he began praising her for being “a very nice lady who never yearns strongly for any [material goods]. The best way to treat her is to marry her”.

The actress-model is currently the only female member in the cast of the Chinese version of Korean variety show Running Man and often has to display her masculine side. Although Xiaoming reveals “she is even more masculine in real life”, he added, “But she does not behave that way in front of me. Our personalities really match and she is [actually] very cute.”

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