Huang Xiaoming reveals Fan Bingbing’s relationship by accident

The Chinese actor and close buddy of Fan Bingbing caught her off-guard when he accidently revealed that she is “already in love”

Huang Xiaoming reveals Fan Bingbing’s relationship by accident

It seems like 33-year-old Chinese actress Fan Bingbing’s repeated denial of her rumours with 36-year-old The Empress of China co-star Li Chen has come to naught as her buddy, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, recently made a Freudian slip in his interview and claimed that Bingbing is “already in love”.

On Saturday night, Bingbing and Xiaoming made an appearance at an event in Beijing and the latter dropped a bomb without warning when he said abruptly, “I have known Bingbing for many years. Now, she has already matured to become a lady and is already in love!”

Reporters at the event immediately turned their attention towards the actress, causing Bingbing to be shocked by their questions on the identity of her significant other. Bingbing then made a quick recovery when she wittily diverted the media’s attention to Xiaoming and Angelababy’s relationship by saying, “Are all of you aware of Xiaoming’s wedding date?”

However, it is not the first time celebrities have hinted of the 33-year-old’s relationship with Li Chen.

Earlier this year, Li Chen’s close friend and actress Ma Su wrote ambiguously on her Weibo, “Li Chen, I have walked the streets of Cuba and found a heart-shaped leaf. May it be a blessing to keep our friendship going strong and that the relationship between the two of you would blossom.” Of which, netizens thought that the “two of you” referred to Li Chen and Bingbing.

Huang Xiaoming reveals Fan Bingbing’s relationship by accident

Renowned media personality Ju Chun Lei, who frequently reveals celebrities’ secrets on his Weibo, also boldly claimed that the co-stars have been dating in secret but did not have solid proof as paparazzi have yet to photograph them behaving intimately together.

While the two were spotted meeting with each other’s families during Chinese New Year, the two refused to admit to their relationship. Bingbing also asked the media to give her some personal space.

“If I simply say there is (a relationship brewing), I would be blamed for not giving a detailed explanation. If I reveal too much, people would think I’m using it to make the headlines. Thus, I would rather not say anything,” she said wryly.

Li Chen, on the other hand, repeated denied the rumours and only said briefly, “I have always been close to everyone around me. Moreover, we (he and Bingbing) recently filmed The Empress of China and were previously managed by the same company.”

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