Huang Xiaoming rushes home to celebrate wife Angelababy’s birthday

Newlyweds nearly spend actress’s 27th apart


Photos: PBE Media

Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, 38, was spotted at a Shanghai airport on February 28 and was reportedly rushing home to celebrate Angelababy’s 27th birthday with her.

The newlyweds, who married last October, nearly spent the occasion apart: Xiaoming was busy with work, and he missed Angelababy’s birthday party held for her fans on February 26 and another gathering with her close friends shortly afterwards.

The actress and model dressed up as Sailor Moon for her parties, and actress Ni Ni posted a photo on Weibo showing Angelababy making a wish before blowing out the candles on her cake.

“Work hard, but don’t forget to rest,” Ni Ni wrote. “Hope you’ll smile forever, and stay healthy and beautiful.”

In 2014, Xiaoming travelled to Hong Kong for Angelababy’s birthday, and hid himself in a sports car as a gift to the actress.


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