Huang Xiaoming’s groomsmen to include pianist Li Yundi, ex-EXO member Z.TAO

Preparations for wedding of the century in full swing

Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy, Li Yundi

When you’re Chinese A-list actor Huang Xiaoming, you don’t search Google to hire your wedding pianist, you call in the award-winning Li Yundi.

More famous names have been revealed to join Xiaoming’s groomsmen pack, Hong Kong media reports. Yundi and Taiwanese singer Lin Xin-yang will be joining singer and former EXO member Z.TAO, martial arts actor Wu Jing, and Wang Sicong, scion of China’s Dalian Wanda conglomerate, as part of the party.

Yundi shared a series of photos of the wedding invitation on Weibo to confirm the news, and said, “To witness happiness is a form of happiness too! I’ve received the invitation. Congratulations!”

At an event for watchmaker Tissot held yesterday in Taiwan, Xiaoming said he was feeling nervous about his wedding to Angelababy on October 8 in Shanghai, and that he was afraid his guests won’t have a good time.

Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy

When he was asked about photos of the ring with a giant rock his fiancee had been sharing on social media, he said, “When we were shooting our pre-wedding photos in Paris, she spotted the ring and really liked it, so I bought it for her!”

Chinese actress Zhao Wei previously mentioned Xiaoming wanting kids, and yesterday he said he was envious of the actress and her children. “It’s time to do those things. Girl or boy, they are both great and we wouldn’t mind either, but we’ll take things one step at a time.”

Xiaoming has been working extremely hard these years and he said he needs a break and plans to cut down on projects after getting married.

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