Huang Xiaoming tapes soles of feet to prevent burns

Actor filming in India in 40-degree heat for new movie Monk Xuanzang

Huang Xiaoming

Barely a month away from his wedding to Hong Kong model Angelababy, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming is getting a little too into his role as a monk in his new movie Monk Xuanzang.

The cast are currently filming in India, where temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius. Xiaoming plays the title character, Xuanzang, and has to walk barefoot while filming, so the actor resorted to slapping strips of duct tape on his soles to ease the burn.

Meanwhile, Angelababy is in Luoyang, China, filming the third season of Hurry Up, Brother, China’s version of hit Korean variety show Running Man. The couple are hosting their wedding on October 8 in Shanghai.

Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy

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