Huang Xiaoming throws birthday party for Angelababy

Netizens are anxious to hear the wedding bells ring for the couple

Huang Xiaoming throws birthday party for Angelababy
Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming threw a romantic party yesterday to celebrate the 26th birthday of his girlfriend, Hong Kong-based actress Angelababy.

Though the 37-year-old actor is currently situated in America to film a new movie, he is said to have taken time off his busy schedule to plan for Angelababy’s special day.

According to Hong Kong media reports, it has long become a yearly affair for Xiaoming to plan a surprise party for his girlfriend on her birthday since they started dating.

Huang Xiaoming throws birthday party for Angelababy
Despite her birthday clashing with his filming schedule this year, Xiaoming kept to his habit, specially booking a grand hotel room and decorating it with pink balloons.
Huang Xiaoming throws birthday party for Angelababy
After the party yesterday, Angelababy also posted a touching message on her Weibo. “Today, I am turning 26. I am thankful and touched by those who have supported me over the years. Thank you for tolerating my reckless ways when I was younger and thank you for staying by my side and protecting me despite my inappropriate words and actions in the past,” she wrote.

“The longest-lasting love is to always be by the side of that special someone and you know that. I will work harder to repay your love and improve myself. love u (sic)”

Shortly after, Xiaoming sweetly posted his girlfriend’s post on his own Weibo account, displaying his affection over the Internet with an affectionate reply: “Ai Lao Hu You (which sounds like I Love You)”.

As the 37-year-old actor had previously promised to ask for Angelababy’s hand this year, netizens were disappointed when their speculation of Xiaoming proposing to her on her birthday did not come true.

Netizens urged them to get married soon after reading their affectionate exchanges online.

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