Huang Xiaoming to marry Angelababy this year

Chinese actress Li Bingbing confirmed the news but refused to disclose the date of the couple’s wedding ceremony

Huang Xiaoming to marry Angelababy this year

Wedding bells would soon ring for celebrity couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy as Xiaoming’s buddy Li Bingbing recently revealed that she has been notified of their wedding date.

Earlier this year, numerous speculations of the exact date of the pair’s matrimonial ceremony surfaced online after Xiaoming boldly confessed that he would definitely wed Angelababy before the year ends.

However, when asked to confirm the news, the couple gave ambiguous replies and declined to state a definite date of marriage.

At an event in Shanghai last week, when Xiaoming’s close friend and co-star Li Bingbing was asked by the media if she had a clue on the couple’s big day, she replied without hesitation, “Of course (I know the date)! But I really don’t dare to reveal it as they have not released it officially.”

Xiaoming, on the other hand, also kept the media in suspense while he was promoting his new movie My Sunshine recently.

When asked what he’d wish to receive as a wedding gift, the actor commented, “I wish to tell my friends that they don’t have to give me any presents. I would be contented as long as they attend the ceremony. That is also why I decided to hold my wedding in (China), so that it would be convenient for my friends to attend it.”

The actor was tight-lipped about his wedding date, when pressed by reporters to reveal more details and even joked in reply: “Why are all of you more anxious than us?”

Netizens also praised Xiaoming for keeping his promise and maintaining a good attitude towards the media. Some also said with envy, “Being his girlfriend must be an indescribable feeling of being in heaven!”

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