Images of Angelababy lookalike dancing in the nude circulate online

Model’s representatives deny subject is Angelababy


Angelababy just cannot catch a break. After having her face examined by doctors and then declared free of cosmetic enhancement, the Hong Kong-based model is now being linked to a video clip that claims to show her dancing in the nude.

Stills of the video clip started circulating online early yesterday morning, and some Internet users claimed to be sharing the full video clip via direct messaging.

The woman in the images does resemble Angelababy somewhat, but netizens pointed out that the woman’s bust and tattoos don’t match Angelababy’s.

Representatives for the model have issued a statement saying the woman in the photos isn’t Angelababy and urging Internet users not to share the misleading material. “Please delete this false information immediately, otherwise the company will take legal action,” the statement read.

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