Injured Wilber Pan promises to be back for concert

The Taiwanese singer posted a note on Weibo to update fans on his injury

潘玮柏贴千字文报平安 不后悔选择挑战3.jpg

After a head injury last Friday while rehearsing for his mid-air stunt segment for his scheduled concert at the Taipei Arena, Taiwanese-based singer Wilber Pan updated fans of his situation through a Weibo post yesterday.

Thankful for “a second chance at life”, Wilber revealed he felt faint and his vision went pitch-black when he hit his head.

The 34-year-old, who suffered from a 17cm-long wound on top of his head, wrote: “I hugged my head with my hands. Besides seeing the blood on my hands, the words ‘I’m done for’ went through my mind because I know the concert had to be cancelled.”

潘玮柏贴千字文报平安 不后悔选择挑战1.jpg

But he promises to be back on the stage of Taipei Arena for a concert and urged fans to wait for him because “What doesn’t kill me, only makes me stronger.” Despite the incident, Wilber does not regret engaging in dangerous acts for the gig as he loves being on stage and believes he can be a better performer.

Besides his fans, the actor-singer also apologised to and thanked his crew, sponsors, media and friends.

潘玮柏贴千字文报平安 不后悔选择挑战2.jpg

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