Is a Lin Chi-ling, Jerry Yan reunion on the horizon?

The ex-couple commented that it’s “up to the other” when asked about a possible reunion


Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling and Taiwanese singer-actor Jerry Yan both admitted that they still keep in contact recently, when asked about it at different events.

The ex-couple, who dated for six years, was reported to have broken up in 2006. However, throughout the years, rumours that the two have reconciled continued to spread like wildfire. A recent rumour that was eventually denied by Chi-ling’s manager even claimed that the duo were preparing to tie the knot earlier this year on Jerry Yan’s 40th birthday.

On Sunday, Jerry Yan made an appearance at an event, where he was quizzed about his current relationship with Chi-ling. The 40-year-old admitted that they still keep in contact, and when asked about the chances of a reunion between the two, he replied, “[We’ll have to] see her behaviour!”

When asked if his answer meant that their reconciliation hinged on whether Chi-ling wanted to do so, he replied in the affirmative.

Chi-ling later answered to the media’s queries through her work studio, writing, “Hahahaha~ ~ We always communicate like this, from a distance~ ~ we might have to switch to the same communication software,” ending her post with a cheeky “over.”

In February, Chi-ling was also asked if she will ever get back together with Jerry. At that time, she didn’t deny nor confirm the chances of a rekindled relationship, and would only say, “[We’ll] have to see what the other party thinks, we’ve always been in contact.”

Now, with Jerry Yan’s “confirmation” that both of them are open to starting anew, fans of the couple have been abuzz online, hoping for their long-awaited reunion.

Photos: PBE Media

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