Is Andy Lau to join Where Are We Going, Dad?

Hong Kong star rumoured to join cast of the Chinese reality show for its fourth season

Andy Lau

Fans of Chinese reality show Where Are We Going, Dad?, listen up. Rumour has it that Andy Lau himself will be on the fourth season of the show with his 3-year-old daughter, Hanna.

Yesterday afternoon, a Hunan TV employee posted a birthday message to the Hong Kong singer–actor on Weibo, and at the end added: “Looking forward to seeing you next year on the fourth season of Where Are We Going, Dad?

Later, the employee clarified, “It’s just a hope, and the fourth season is still far off, but anything is possible.”

Andy was asked last year whether he’d be interested in being on the reality show, and he said, “I’ll check whether my father is agreeable to it.”

The actor celebrated his 54th birthday ahead of time on Saturday, and brought his wife and daughter along for the party.

Where Are We Going, Dad? is known for propelling many children of celebrities to stardom, and the show is wrapping up its third season in Australia.

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