Is Angelababy expecting a bun in the oven?

“We need money to buy milk powder,” said Huang Xiaoming


Photos: PBE Media

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy, who married in 2015, are reportedly expecting their first child. The two was first said to be expecting in February, when the actress was seen abstaining from alcohol.

A few days ago, Xiaoming appeared at the press conference of his latest movie and showed his adoration for his wife when discussing the process of choosing the female lead. The 38-year-old could not help but praise his wife and said that his wife is “capable of doing anything” – including playing the female lead in the movie.

Later, when the actor was asked why he decided to take on this project despite his busy schedule, he answered, “[We] need money to buy milk powder,” giving rise to speculations that Angelababy was pregnant.

However, when asked if the 27-year-old was pregnant, the actor helplessly said, “I need to be able to have time to see her [in order for her to be pregnant].”
The couple are both busy with their respective work projects currently and do not have the luxury of having much couple time together.

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