Is Barbie Hsu pregnant with twins?

Netizens raised the possibility after the reveal of her recent ultrasound

Is Barbie Hsu pregnant with twins?

Photos: PBE Media

Taiwan actress Barbie Hsu has been keeping netizens in the loop on her pregnancy news, with her recent updates including one showing her heavily pregnant belly and the other of an ultrasound.

The 39-year-old has been married to husband Wang Xiaofei since 2010 and has one daughter who was born in April last year. Last October, it was revealed that she is pregnant with her second child, a boy.

Is Barbie Hsu pregnant with twins?

“I’ve been married for five years – it hasn’t been easy! My son gave me a thumbs up,” she declared in her post which included her ultrasound.

Eagle-eyed netizens, however, have stated that it looks like she is pregnant with twins instead after checking out the ultrasound – speculation that she has neither denied nor confirmed.

Regardless of whether she is expecting one or two bundles of joy, netizens have showered her with a steady stream of support for her second pregnancy, which she has confessed to be stressed about.

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