Is Cecilia Cheung trying to come between Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong?

Cecilia Cheung allegedly hindered Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong from attending William So’s wedding 

Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse

Rumour has it that Cecilia Cheung has been trying to come between her ex-husband Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong. According to Hong Kong media, Nicholas and Faye, who were supposed to attend William So’s wedding and Carina Lau’s birthday party together, failed to make their appearance as a couple due to Cecilia’s interference.

Sources also revealed that William visited his good friend Cecilia when he recently came to Singapore for work. To prevent an awkward situation from happening between Cecilia and the reunited couple, William told the former that he and his wife would buy her a meal in future, indirectly asking for the actress not to attend the wedding.

Unexpectedly, Cecilia offered to join William’s “band of brothers” a few days before the wedding. Although his buddies objected to it, the groom felt ill at ease to reject her suggestion. In order not to steal the limelight, Nicholas and Faye eventually decided not to turn up for the occasion.

Meanwhile, the couple, who was pictured holding hands in public for the first time in 14 years, reportedly spent a night at Vicki Zhao’s house to avoid Cecilia. “She wanted to find Nicholas to talk about their sons. He went to stay at Vicki’s house with Faye to avoid trouble,” an insider said.

On Monday, Nicholas and Faye were spotted 15 minutes apart at the Hong Kong airport. When asked if he is accompanying his girlfriend to Beijing, the actor-host replied with a smile: “I have work there.” 

Cecilia Cheung

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