Is Harlem Yu dating someone new?

Singer seen staying overnight with female news anchor from Formosa TV network

Harlem Yu, Jinny Chang 1

After ex-wife Annie Yi moved on so quickly (and so publicly) after their divorce six years ago, Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu may have finally done the same, though with much less candour.

The singer was spotted on October 22 out with Jinny Chang, 40, an anchor for English news with Taiwan’s Formosa TV network, even staying the night together at his studio.

Harlem, 54, was seen picking the lady up in his car outside the Formosa TV building at 9.30 pm, and the two headed to his studio and didn’t emerge until 11 am the next day.

Harlem Yu, Jinny Chang 2

When he appeared on Taiwanese talk show Small Swallow Xiaoyan Night in July, Harlem denied he had a girlfriend, and said his ideal partner was someone younger than he but not a 20-year-old.

The singer has not yet made any comments on his date with Jinny. Harlem and Annie divorced in 2000 after a nine-year marriage. She married Chinese actor Qin Hao this March in Phuket.

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