Is Joseph Chang a married man?

His non-celebrity girlfriend, Vicky, is said to have accidentally revealed that the two have registered their marriage

Is Joseph Chang a married man?

Joseph Chang’s love life has been continuously been in the limelight this year – his relationship with budding Chinese actress Regina Wan was revealed in January and in October, reports that he had a new woman in his life surfaced.

His non-celebrity girlfriend Vicky, is said to have met Joseph at a function when the pair were introduced by a mutual friend. The two got together less than three months after his breakup with Regina. Vicky has even met his mother, sparking questions of whether the two were planning on bringing their relationship to the next level.

At a recent gathering with friends, Vicky is reported to have accidentally revealed that she and Joseph have registered their marriage – a rumour that has been strongly denied by both Joseph and his management.

Despite the denial, fans have questioned if his words can be trusted as he once remarked, “Even if I get married, I won’t announce it nor discuss it. I don’t want to make my private life a matter of public concern.”

On previous occasions, his manager has neither confirmed nor denied reports of Joseph and Vicky dating and merely responded with, “Thank you all for your concern, but we won’t discuss artistes’ personal lives. Joseph has returned to Hong Kong for filming.” His manager also refused to comment on his relationship with Regina when they were linked together earlier this year, with Joseph stressing that he does not discuss his personal life with the media.

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