Is Leehom’s wife pregnant again?

The 39-year-old’s wife was spotted with a slight bump in her tummy while accompanying her husband at a filming site

Is Leehom’s wife pregnant again?
Multi-faceted superstar Leehom was recently speculated to be expecting his second child with wife Lee Jinglei.

The couple had tied the knot in late 2013 and Jinglei gave birth to their first daughter, Wang Jiali, last July. The beginner father also expressed his hope to give birth to “as many kids as a music band” while he was promoting his latest album Your Love earlier this year.

Last week, Leehom graced the premiere of his first Hollywood movie Blackhat in Taipei and revealed that he wishes to catch up with co-star Chris Hemsworth’s stunning record of three children quickly.

The 39-year-old was spotted by reporters yesterday (21 Jan) at a park in Neihu when he shot a new commercial for renowned watch brand SEIKO. Jinglei, bare-faced with black thick frame glasses, was by her husband’s side throughout the filming process though she appeared tired.

The mother-of-one had recovered quickly to her pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth to their daughter, but reporters quickly realised her slightly plump figure and small baby bump despite Jinglei being dressed in a thick brown winter coat.

However, Leehom’s manager clarified yesterday that though the couple are open to having more children, Leehom is currently busy with the launch of his new album and said Jinglei looked pregnant in the photo as she has the habit of slouching.

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