Is Rainie Yang dating Li Ronghao?

Netizens speculate the two are in a relationship after an intimate photo of them leaked online

Is Rainie Yang dating Li Ronghao?
Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Rainie Yang was recently rumoured to be dating Chinese budding singer Li Ronghao after he accidently posted a photo of him with his arms around Rainie online.

Taiwanese media claimed that the baby-faced actress and singer and Ronghao, who is also the best newcomer of last year’s Golden Melody Awards, are only a month into their relationship.

The two had known each other back in 2007 as Ronghao composed a song for Rainie then. Rainie also supported him at the press conference of his new album’s launch in Taiwan last year.

At the event, Rainie revealed that she had carefully listened to his entire album. She also praised him for showcasing his strong vocals when he did a cover of Zhao Wei’s There is a Lady and asked the public to support his music.

Though the public only saw them as friends, Ronghao’s slip of uploading their intimate photo and quickly deleting it raised suspicions that the two may be dating.

According to their close friends, Rainie and Ronghao have expressed a liking for each other and it remains unclear if they would date in the future.

Rainie’s manager responded to the rumours with an ambiguous reply: “They are simply getting along well. Thank you for your concern.”

On the other hand, Ronghao’s company clarified that they are “just friends”.

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