Is Rainie Yang engaged to Li Ronghao?

Rainie Yang posted a photo of her wearing a ring and Fish Leong asked on Weibo: “Is that an engagement ring?”

Is Rainie Yang engaged to Li Ronghao?

Photos: Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao’s Weibo

When Taiwanese actress-singer Rainie Yang posted a selfie on Monday showing a thick black ring around her fourth finger, netizens immediately speculated that it was given to her by rumoured boyfriend Li Ronghao.

Although her caption (“My biggest wish is for others to appreciate the simple things in life…”) had nothing to do with engagement news, Rainie’s good friend and fellow actress-singer Fish Leong fanned the flame by forwarding her post and asking “Is that an engagement ring?”

Then, Rainie replied with “It’s not! You’ve got it wrong, I was just ranting,” and immediately after that, Fish apologised, “Sorry sorry, [I agree], the simple things in life are the most important.”

Is Rainie Yang engaged to Li Ronghao?

Rainie and Ronghao were suspected to be an item after the latter posted a selfie of the two leaning in closely to each other and looking very happy together.

Although they have not admitted to being in a relationship yet, Rainie has been spotted attending Ronghao’s concert and was witnessed spending hours at his house.

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