Is Tammy Chen’s fiancée still married?

The actress got engaged to her plastic surgeon boyfriend after three months of dating

Is Tammy Chen’s fiancée still married?

Taiwanese actress Tammy Chen (Yi Rong) was revealed to have accepted her plastic surgeon boyfriend Xue Boren’s proposal three months after they started dating. Recent reports, however, allege that her beau has yet to divorce his wife.

Tammy has maintained that she only went into a relationship with her 38-year-old fiancée after confirming that he was single, hoping that the public will give them their blessings and space. He is said to have a daughter and son from his previous marriage and Tammy previously declared that she does not mind his history.

A source who claims to be his neighbor has, however, claimed that Boren’s ex-wife revealed that the two have yet to be legally divorced. When reporters visited his clinic, his assistants declined entry to all media present, saying that it was inconvenient for him to speak to them, adding that they have no knowledge of his personal life.

They subsequently called Boren’s father to confirm if the allegations were true, but were once again refused comment. One of his sisters, however, claimed that the two have been divorced for two years but did not reveal more to the family in the hope that their two young children could grow up in a stable environment. She added that she aided in their divorce proceedings.

When contacted, Tammy’s manager confirmed that they have heard of the rumours and affirmed that the spouse column on Boren’s documents was blank when they checked it, confirming that he is currently single.

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