Is Tiffany Hsu not over Ethan Ruan?

The actress reportedly has not met rumoured new beau Wang Po-Chieh after dating rumours surfaced

Is Tiffany Hsu not over Ethan Ruan?

You know what they say: old habits die hard. This may ring true for Taiwanese actress Tiffany Hsu, who close friends say is not over ex-boyfriend, actor Ethan Ruan.

The pair dated for about eight years, during which he reportedly cheated on her four times. The straw which broke the camel’s back is said to be his relationship with a married celebrity with the initial H, speculated to be his co-star in romance anthology film Cities in Love, Bai Baihe.

Despite all that the pair has been through, a close friend revealed that Tiffany is having a hard time letting go of her affections for Ethan despite rumours that she has moved on with her movie co-star, Wang Po-Chieh. He was spotted leaving her house in October but the 31-year-old later denied any romantic involvement with the 26-year-old, who is also Ethan’s good friend.

Is Tiffany Hsu not over Ethan Ruan?

The media has been keeping a close watch on Tiffany and Po-Chieh for any progress between the pair but have reported that the two have not met since dating rumours surfaced last month. His manager stressed that they have always been just friends, musing, “Isn’t it normal (for reporters) to not be able to take photos of them together?”

As to questions on whether he will woo Tiffany now that she is single, Po-Chieh’s manager laughed, “I didn’t ask him since there isn’t a reason to”.

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