Ivy Chen would say ‘yes’ if her boyfriend proposed

Despite a rocky start, the Taiwanese actress’ relationship with her boyfriend seems to have stabilised


Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen has had a turbulent relationship with her hairstylist boyfriend Tom.

In late 2014, the actress revealed her relationship with Tom, only for the media to spot him bringing his ex-girlfriend back to his house to spend the night. However, six months later, Ivy and Tom were spotted travelling to America together in matching couple wear, looking as if they had reconciled. Last year, however, rumours spread that Tom had injured his hand while quarrelling with Ivy, leading to more gossip.

Fortunately, the couple’s relationship seems to have stabilised recently, with Ivy revealing that if Tom were to propose, she would say ‘yes’. 


Recently, the actress was spotted out at night waiting for Tom, who appeared after 10 minutes. The couple then linked hands and walked towards their destination – a barbecued meat restaurant.

In the restaurant, the couple sat at the bar area, with Tom downing mugs of beer and Ivy placing food on his plate, acting like an old couple. Even though Tom was spotted on his phone frequently, Ivy didn’t seem to mind.

After the meal, Tom grabbed Ivy’s bag for her, and opened the car door for her, before getting into the same taxi to head home.

Photos: PBE Media

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