Jackie Chan opens up about illegitimate daughter

The 61-year-old veteran action film star is no longer against the idea of acknowledging Etta Ng

Jackie Chan opens up about illegitimate daughter

Hong Kong former beauty queen Elaine Ng has repaired her botched relationship with her teenage daughter Etta Ng a month after the latter reported her mother for physically abusing her in her drunkard state.

Elaine was charged and subsequently released on bail for her alleged crimes. However, Etta had stayed apart from her before she finally agreed to return home with her mother.

Both mother and daughter have since been photographed spending quality time with each other by Hong Kong media. Last Saturday (Mar 11), Elaine had rushed home from work to meet her daughter and was asked by reporters on her feelings of reuniting with her. “My mood is OK! I will continue to work hard.”

The 42-year-old added that she has cut down on drinking and smoking and is slowly quitting her vices. She was also said to have allowed Etta to purchase a new cat as she is aware of her daughter’s love for cats and wish to be a veterinarian in future. This has greatly improved their relationship.

Jackie Chan opens up about illegitimate daughter

However, when asked if she would allow Etta to purchase Jackie’s autobiography in that interview, Elaine shot down the question immediately with a ‘no’.

On the other hand, Jackie recently spoke about Etta, the first time since Elaine’s alleged case of abuse.

The veteran action film star had refrained from showing concern for both Elaine and Etta and even adamantly said in an interview that he had no intentions to acknowledge his illegitimate daughter.

However, Jackie softened his stance in recent years as he was approaching the age of 60. He also changed drastically after his son Jaycee Chan was involved in a drug scandal last year.

When the 61-year-old was asked if he would leave a share of his inheritance for Etta recently, he jested, “I believe she does not need my inheritance!”

Does Jackie, then, feel that he had been a burden to Etta’s life?

“Yes, I felt that all that has happened has caused her harm,” he said regretfully.

Jackie also left an ambiguous answer when reporters popped the question again as to whether he would acknowledge Etta. “Sometimes, I prefer not to talk about some stuff. I’ll let nature take its course. Even if I am a public figure, people should not place too much emphasis (on this issue),” he shared.

Reporters felt that Jackie may have implicitly hinted his unwillingness to reconcile, but the 61-year-old said reassuringly, “If I see her, I’ll see her. I’m very easy-going.”

Speaking of his son, Jackie said with a fatherly smile that he believes that Jaycee has overcome the scandal and is ready to take on new challenges. However, Jaycee would be working hard behind-the-scenes at the moment as he still does not want to be on screen.

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