Jackie Chan reportedly mediates for Darren Wang’s contract dispute

Actor films Railroad Tigers alongside the kungfu star


Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan, 61, reportedly stepped in to mediate the contract dispute that Darren Wang, the 24-year-old Taiwanese star of Our Times, hasn’t gotten himself out of yet.

Darren is in the midst of trying to extricate himself from a contact with the management agency run by Angie Chai, one of Taiwan’s best-known drama series directors.

The actor accepted the invitation to join the cast of Jackie’s action comedy Railroad Tigers and production stills of him in Zhang Yimou’s rom-com Perfect Baby were recently published. Both incidents angered Angie, causing her to issue legal notices to Darren and the movie studios involved.

Darren denied Jackie’s involvement in mediating between them. “Jackie takes good care of new actors, we all like him a lot and learned plenty from him while shooting Railroad Tigers, but our lawyers are handling the contract,” he said.

Hong Kong media executives Albert Yeung, chairman of Emperor Group, and Peter Lam, chairman of Media Asia Entertainment Group, are both reportedly interested in signing Darren and are rumoured to have met the actor to talk about collaborating.

Darren has faced criticism for appearing ungrateful to Angie after he shot to fame with the nostalgic romance Our Times. The actor reportedly joined Angie’s agency when he was 16 but never made it big, and before Our Times premiered he proposed terminating his contract. But the immense popularity of the movie complicated his attempts to leave Angie’s agency.

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