Jackie Chan responds to son’s drug scandal

The Hong Kong star makes his first public response with regards to Jaycee Chan’s drug scandal yesterday


Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan has been putting off questions from the media regarding his son, Jaycee Chan and his drug scandal. But yesterday, he finally spoke about it at the media conference for his new movie Skiptrace.

Speaking about Jaycee, who was arrested in China this August for consuming and possessing marijuana and detained till now, Jackie told the media, “The news you get are the same as what I get. I am only concerned about work right now and his issues do not impact my work.”

The 60-year-old, who has lost weight because of his hectic schedule, added, “I hope the media can verify the sources of your news before publishing them. Please don’t share false information like me kneeling down before (actor-turned producer) Charles Heung or delaying the release date for movie Dragon Blade.”

The caring husband also hoped for the media to leave his wife, Lin Feng Jiao, out of the accusations and false reports. “I can take all these but please don’t hurt my wife and make things up. I was not a good father in the past, now I hope to be one,” Jackie said.

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