Jackie Chan seeks wife for son Jaycee?

Action star seen dining in Beijing with Eric Tsang and a host of beautiful women

Jackie and Jaycee Chan

China media reports that Jackie Chan treated “a large group of women” to a banquet, sparking rumours that the action star is scouting around for a wife for his son, Jaycee Chan. 

Though Jackie and Jaycee have not responded to the rumours, observers speculate that Jackie and Hong Kong host and producer Eric Tsang are taking it upon themselves to matchmake the young actor.

Jackie was recently seen outside a Beijing hotel with Eric, who met up with a group of well-dressed, good-looking women. The party entered the hotel for a meal at the restaurant, coincidentally owned by Jackie himself.

Jaycee later showed up, shrouded in a cap and face mask, and joined the others until about 11pm that night, when father and son emerged together.

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