Jackie Chan wants to delay movie release because of son?

The Hong Kong superstar is worried that his son’s drug scandal will overshadow the movie

爆成龙被毒子拖累 新戏或绝迹黄金档期

Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan reportedly requested to push back the release of his latest film Dragon Blade for fear that his son Jaycee Chan’s drug scandal will overshadow the movie.

Jaycee has been detained in China since August after he was arrested for possession and consumption of marijuana, and could face a maximum jail term of three years if sentenced according to the laws in China. It is believed that the hearing and sentencing will take place next month in China.

The superstar has always placed great pride in promotional activities for his films but with Dragon Blade slated for release early next year, Jackie has to begin activities in various countries in December. However, the actor is said to be afraid that the media will put the spotlight on Jaycee instead.

Although he has put forward requests to the production company to delay the release by several months, insiders revealed the schedule is fixed at the moment and discussions are still in process.

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