Jackie Chan will help his son make a comeback

The international action star said that he will be a pillar of support for his son 

Jackie Chan will help his son make a comeback
At a recent charity event, international action star Jackie Chan reiterated that both he and his wife Lin Feng-jiao will not be meeting their son Jaycee Chan when the latter is released from prison on Feb 14.

Jaycee was arrested for drug abuse and possession at his Beijing apartment last August. In January, the 32-year-old was sentenced to six months in prison and fined RMB 2,000 (approximately S$430) after serving five months at the detention centre.

While speaking to the media, Jackie revealed that he will not be spending the upcoming Chinese New Year with his family. However, the 60-year-old admitted that he still has hopes for Jaycee and that he would help his son “make a comeback”.

Unlike his usual reproachful tone when talking about Jaycee, the actor-director let on that he might have been too harsh on his son in the past.

“He has always worked very hard. As he was heavily influenced by me, he was under a lot of stress,” Jackie added. “I believe Jaycee will change his ways after his release. Ah Jiao (Feng-jiao) and I will not speak up for him, but we will be his pillars [of support].”

Jackie and the cast of Dragon Blade, including Choi Siwon, John Cusack and Adrien Brody, will be in town to promote the movie this week. Stay tuned for more reports!

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