Jackie Chan will help his son with acting career

Jackie Chan changed his mind about wanting to help his son with his career in acting on Tuesday

Jackie Chan will help his son with acting career

International movie star Jackie Chan, who previously said that he would not help his 32-year-old son Jaycee Chan after his release from prison, changed his mind and revealed to the press on Tuesday that he feels “it’s a good thing [his son] went to jail” because Jaycee productively spent his time in prison reading books and writing songs.

The 61-year-old said, “I told myself I shouldn’t be so stubborn about it anymore and decided I want to help my child.”

Jackie also revealed that his new album will be coming out soon and there is a song on the record that he plans to ask his son to produce: “There will be a song where [Jaycee and I] will duet and one of my lyrics will be an apology for being too busy to accompany him growing up.”

Actor-singer Jaycee was sentenced to jail for committing drug offences in Beijing last August and after nearly half a year since his release, he finally spoke about his life in prison for the first time on Monday. He revealed that while he was doing his time, “no one visited or cared for [him] at all”, and it was “quite tough”, but since his release, he gradually became close to his father again.

The busy father had only seen Jackie one time last year, but within this last half a year, he visited his son in Taiwan three times and they began contacting each other more often.

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