Jackie Chan writes about past relationship with Teresa Teng

The global action superstar was criticised by Teresa Teng’s family for not seeking permission prior to mentioning their relationship in his new book

Jackie Chan writes about past relationship with Teresa Teng

Hong Kong veteran action film star Jackie Chan recently came under fire for mentioning his past romantic relationship with the late Teresa Teng in his autobiography ‘Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Get Older’.

At a recent press conference held at Tsinghua University for the launch of his book, Jackie reiterated that his book contains an excerpt of his love life, of which covered his transient relationship with Teresa.

In the book, Jackie wrote of how the two fell in love in 1979 but refused to speak of it when they dated as they were worried it may affect their blooming careers. However, they soon broke up as they felt that their personalities were a mismatch and Teresa thought that Jackie ‘does not need her’.

Jackie Chan writes about past relationship with Teresa Teng

Jackie stated that their split was ‘the best decision’ and even boasted of his exciting love life when he was younger. The 61-year-old claimed that he was ‘picking the best (partner)’ and eventually settled with Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-jiao, who later had a shotgun marriage with him while carrying their child Jaycee Chan.

Teresa’s third brother Frank Teng criticised Jackie for publishing the details of his relationship with Teresa in his book without giving their family prior notice. As the Taiwanese songbird had passed away 20 years ago, they could not verify the credibility of Jackie’s account and Frank angrily asked the 66-year-old to ‘stop making use of Teresa’.

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