Jacky Cheung’s elder daughter seen in Central

Singer protective of his two girls

Jacky Cheung’s elder daughter seen in Central

Hong Kong singer and actor Jacky Cheung, 54, and his wife, actress May Lo, 50, are known to be fiercely protective of their two daughters, but the elder one, 15-year-old Yiu-Wah, was recently seen walking around in Hong Kong’s Central, and her resemblance to her mother was striking.

Yiu-Wah was in the company of her expat classmates from an elite British academy in Hong Kong, one that reportedly charges HK$170,000 (approximately S$31,400) a year in fees.

Jacky was also spotted driving to Yiu-Wah’s school to pick her up recently, and father and daughter hauled her belongings into the car together.

In 2013 Jacky and May sent Yiu-Wah to study in the UK, hoping that his slightly spoiled daughter would learn to be independent. But the girl returned to Hong Kong because she couldn’t adjust to living overseas, and she enrolled in her current school instead.

“We didn’t try to deny it, but she didn’t like living in the UK and couldn’t get used to it,” Jacky said. “We made the decision with her happiness in mind. Of course, my wife hopes both girls will study in the UK, but in the end we respect our daughter’s choice.”

The couple married in 1996, and their younger daughter, Yiu-Huen, is 10.

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