Jacky Wu claims that Ou Han Sheng’s wife could be pregnant

The 36-year-old recently drew an art piece on set, which television host Jacky Wu claimed to be hinting his wife’s pregnancy

Jacky Wu claims that Ou Han Sheng’s wife could be pregnant
Taiwanese singer and actor Ou Han Sheng (a.k.a. Ou Di) was recently speculated to be expecting his first child with his wife.

Not only did the 36-year-old receive praises for his successful career advancement in China, fans and friends were also delighted to learn about his flash marriage with his wife in Chongqing last August.

Han Sheng revealed to the media yesterday that the couple had made their marriage official in Taiwan last December, four months after they did so in Chongqing. He also shared about his blissful marriage life, recounting that his wife would often prepare his meals and patiently wait for him to return to their home in Neihu.

Though Han Sheng is highly protective of his wife, shielding her from the media and public eye, he made an exception by sharing a photo of them on the last day of 2014. Netizens cheekily joked that while Han Sheng requested for the public not to put his wife under the spotlight, he did so himself by flaunting their love online.

Recently, Han Sheng also drew an ambiguous picture of a bird with a halo on a variety show, causing the show’s host Jacky Wu to speculate that it hinted that his wife is pregnant.

However, Han Sheng’s manager denied the speculation while Han Sheng claimed it symbolised his change from a ‘wild bird to a domesticated bird’.

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