Jacky Wu seen dining with unidentified woman

‘I guess you could say we’re friends,’ talk show host says

Jacky 1

Taiwanese actor, singer and talk show host Jacky Wu was seen on Saturday night dining with an unknown woman and entering a luxury residence with her afterwards, staying for about two hours.

He explained, “I run a side business customising suitcases and insoles for shoes, and I hand completed designs to manufacturers. That woman works for an insole manufacturer, so I guess you could say we’re friends.”

He added that they had gone to her company’s workshop that night.

The 53-year-old king of Taiwanese variety television was spotted eating at an upscale restaurant with the short-haired woman on Saturday night. After leaving the venue separately, the pair met up and took a short stroll before picking up his car.

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The woman got into his car only after he made sure they weren’t being watched, and the pair headed to a building on Siwei Road in Taipei, entering the premises one after the other and emerging two hours later.

Jacky had been married to his wife, Chang Wei-wei, for 10 years before she went public with the information in 2000, reportedly because she was fed up with how Jacky would repeatedly deny he had a family and go on dating multiple women.

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