Jacky Wu takes another dig at Jay Chou

It seems that Jacky Wu still holds a grudge against Jay Chou for not being invited to the latter’s wedding  

Jacky Wu takes another dig at Jay Chou

In a Facebook post last Sunday, Taiwanese veteran host Jacky Wu abruptly expressed his gratitude towards his “benefactors” for their help in the past, indirectly taking another jab at Jay Chou.

“Looking back at old times, I went to Taipei for studies with only a guitar. If ‘Mu Chuan’ (music café) didn’t hire me back then, I probably wouldn’t be able to pay for rent,” Jacky wrote.

According to media reports, Jacky helped Jay release his debut album by investing his own money. However, their relationship turned sour when Jacky sold off his music company Alfa Music along with Jay’s contract.

For the past month, Jacky has shown his displeasure about not being invited to any of the singer’s three wedding celebrations. Jacky also implicitly criticised his mentee for being ungrateful on several occasions.

Sources also revealed that their mutual friend Will Liu previously tried to arrange a gathering to help the two reconcile with each other. However, the plan allegedly fell through because Jacky “forgot about the timing” and Jay was overseas for his honeymoon.

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