Jacky Wu would welcome daughter back if she got divorced

Television host tears up imagining Sandy Wu getting married


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While recording an episode of the variety programme Super Followers recently, Taiwanese actor and television host Jacky Wu, 53, got emotional imagining his daughter Sandy, 26, tying the knot.

“Why was it such a coincidence that we discussed these topics this episode? Damn it, I cried until I suffered internal injuries,” he wrote on Facebook last night.

“Hot springs, S.H.E., divorce, marriage …. As a father, how can I handle all this? The six dads on the programme all teared up!”

Jacky hosts Super Followers with his daughter Sandy, who wore a wedding dress while filming. But Sandy was caught earlier this month visiting a hot-spring spa with a male friend, even holding hands with him, which was shocking considering the devout Christian had declared she took chastity seriously.

When the discussion moved on to marriage and the recent divorce announcement from S.H.E. member Selina Jen, Jacky remarked that if his daughter ever split from her spouse, he would welcome her back. “You’ll always have a spot at our table,” he said.

Fans commented on his Facebook post and comforted him, telling him when the time comes to let go of his daughter he can’t keep holding on.

Super Followers took over the broadcast slot of the long-running talk show Here Comes Kangxi, hosted by Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai.

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