Jam Hsiao injured while filming Midnight Diner

Singer flung from moving tow truck and suffered muscle contusions


Photos: PBE Media

Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao, 28, was flung from a moving tow truck and suffered muscle contusions while filming the television series Midnight Diner in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, on Sunday.

The singer was atop a motorcycle in the back of the truck, which made a sharp turn and caused him to lose his balance.

Filming was halted immediately and Jam was rushed to a nearby hospital. He was later transferred to a hotel and had ice packs applied to his injuries.

To keep his fans from worrying, Jam posted a selfie on Weibo from his bed at noon on Sunday. “I’m fine, I’m doing well, I’m resting now and everything is taken care of, (you) really needn’t worry,” he wrote.

Fans wished him a speedy recovery, while some commented, “Just focus on singing, why dabble in acting?”

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