Jam Hsiao’s crazed fan to be charged for defamation

Harassment over the years includes excrement thrown, delivery of bugs and joss paper

Jam Hsiao

In the latest development in the long saga involving Taiwanese pop star Jam Hsiao, his manager Summer Lin and his extreme Japanese fan Yuki Kageyama, Taiwan’s Shi-Lin District Prosecutor’s Office announced yesterday it would be leveling more severe charges of defamation and other crimes against Yuki, while not charging Jam or his manager.

The decision was due to Yuki’s Weibo posts starting 2012, in which she shared photos of Jam and Summer accompanied by messages including, “Wicked woman” and “scum of Taiwan.” Prosecutors agreed Yuki’s statements amounted to baseless rants, and the inclusion of Jam and Summer’s photos had damaged their reputation.

In 2013 Jam revealed he was being harassed by Yuki and thought about taking police action against her. Summer said Yuki had made them miserable for half a year with her unauthorised photography and trespassing, and disturbing Jam at his place with her personal delivery of homemade soup after midnight, all of which Yuki denies.

Jam was then the victim of even more horrifying harassment: having excrement thrown at his team outside his home, and receiving a terrifying parcel of live insects and joss paper. Yuki was the prime suspect, but the case was dropped due to inconclusive evidence.

Regarding Yuki’s countersuit that Jam and Summer had falsely accused her of harassment, the Shi-Lin District Prosecutor’s Office found evidence that Yuki had indeed engaged in harassing behaviour, including delivering soup to Jam and taking a photo with the latter’s parked motorcycle, so Yuki’s countersuit was dropped.

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