Jam Hsiao was Vivian Hsu’s first post-labour visitor

Jam Hsiao, who was in town for his concert last weekend, was the first to visit Vivian Hsu after she gave birth 

Jam Hsiao was Vivian Hsu’s first post-labour visitor
New mummy Vivian Hsu posted a group photo taken with Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao and his manager Summer on Facebook yesterday. As it turned out, Jam, who was in Singapore for his concert last Saturday, was the first person to visit Vivian after she gave birth to her son Dalton Lee on Aug 13. 

In her post, Vivian shared her delight to meet Jam whom she called “international superstar and God of Rain”. The 40-year-old also said that “it must be heaven’s will” for the singer to be in town during this period.

Although Vivian self-deprecatingly took a dig at her swollen look, many netizens left encouraging messages for the first-time mother as well as tips to reduce water retention. “You still look beautiful, no matter what,” a fan wrote.

Despite her tedious pregnancy process, Vivian remained positive and strong throughout the months of staying in bed and taking injections, which earned the praise of many. Now that “Iron V” has safely delivered her baby boy, members of the public and her celebrity friends such as Christine Fan, have expressed their happiness for her.

Jam Hsiao was Vivian Hsu’s first post-labour visitor

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