Jay Chou’s agency speaks up: Jay is not a free-loader

Jay Chou was accused for an unpaid hotel stay, but JVR Music clarified that the defendant had nothing to do with it

Jay Chou’s agency speaks up Jay is not a free-loader

On Wednesday, Taiwanese artiste Jay Chou and lyricist Vincent Fang filmed their music video for ‘Passer-by’ in Zhejiang in November last year and Yanyu Jiangnan Hotel accused them for not paying up three days’ worth of dining, accommodation and other expenses (SGD $21,150).

A statement was released by JVR Music, Jay’s agency, which explained that Jay was responsible only for participating in the music video shoot, so they were unaware of the disputes regarding the unpaid expenses.

Included in the statement was the fact that arrangements for the shoot and accommodation were made by Beijing Culture Media Co. Ltd, Vincent’s company, and that they are the ones being sued, not Jay.

Jay is not associated with the company at all, neither is he a shareholder, so the reports of Jay being a free-loader are erroneous.

Additionally, JVR Music also stated that Xitang Tourism Bureau invited Vincent to film the music video at Xitang in Jiashan County to give publicity to the beauty of the scenic town rich in history and culture.

The matter is currently being handled by the hotel, Beijing Fang Dao Wen Shan Liu Culture Media Co. Ltd and Xitang Tourism Bureau.

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