Jay Chou earns an estimated $8m from his businesses yearly

The pop star has shown that he truly has an eye for business


In the 16 years since Mandopop star Jay Chou joined the music scene, the 34-year-old has excelled in both his career and business dealings.  

Jay has a number of side ventures and PHANTACi, his clothing brand, is one of the most successful of them all. He even opened its first overseas outlet in Singapore, which he had invested at least NT$10 million (approximately S$420,000) in, recently. As Jay is busy with rehearsals for his upcoming concert tour, he has yet to visit the shop, though it is said that he has plans to make a trip down soon.

On top of his artiste management company and fashion line, the savvy businessman has been investing in a variety of businesses of late and his combined yearly earnings are projected to be around NT$200 million (approximately S$8.36 million).

Additionally, Jay also has plans to open another gym in Xi’an, China, together with the shareholders from his record label, JVR Music, following the success of the branch in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Mandopop star currently has his own gaming team, five fashion stores, two gyms, one karaoke store and three restaurants.

Photos: PBE Media

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