Jay Chou goes from idol to ‘uncle’

Singer seen in printed bermudas and flip-flops, appears to have gained weight


Photos: PBE Media

While filming a new project in Thailand, Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, 37, was seen walking about one night dressed very casually: in bermuda shorts with floral prints, wearing flip-flop slippers and twirling a pair of sunglasses.

Some fans have also pointed out the first-time father looks like he’s put on weight: “He looks one size larger,” “I still remember he used to have eight-pack abs,” some commented online.

Netizens attributed his heftier appearance to being happily married to Taiwanese model and actress Hannah Quinlivan, 22. “After he became a father, he didn’t have to maintain his idol image,” some said.

Others declared their everlasting love for the singer, commenting that they would still think him handsome even if he lets himself go completely and turns into a dowdy uncle.

Jay was spotted filming on the Thai island of Koh Samui this week.

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