Jay Chou, Hannah Quinlivan flaunt their love online on Valentine’s Day

Couple the envy of their fans


Taiwanese singer Jay Chou, 37, and his wife, actress and model Hannah Quinlivan, 22, celebrated Valentine’s Day by posting photos online that made their fans envious.

Hannah received rainbow-coloured roses from her husband, while Jay shared a photo of his wife and him doing a jump shot in a street in Germany during their travels two years ago.

On Sunday, Hannah wrote next to her photo that it had been a long time since she last received flowers, but the florists commented that Jay had given her a real-life fairytale and seven-coloured wishing roses for Valentine’s Day.

Jay’s photo of him engaging in touristy PDA with Hannah got fans commenting that they hoped the couple will stay in love always.

Their daughter, Hathaway, now 7 months old, has recently spoken her first word and Jay will be the parent on permanent night duty from now on — they once made a bet that the parent Hathaway doesn’t call first will get to sleep through the night.


Hannah Quinlivan jealous that Hathaway’s first word was ‘daddy’ 

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