Jay Chou: I hope Alien Huang and Show Luo can reconcile

The multi-hyphenate spoke up about recent reports that the buddies’ friendship had turned sour

Jay Chou: I hope Alien Huang and Show Luo can reconcile

Earlier this month, reports that the friendship between Alien Huang and Show Luo had turned sour surfaced. Alien revealed at an autograph session that the two had, in reality, drifted apart five years ago but that he did not know the reasons behind the sudden change.

Show later dismissed the reports, calling the issue “embarrassing” and that while the pair does not see each other often, they still meet up whenever they can. Reports suggested that the two grew distant after an incident on 100% Entertainment, which they were co-hosting at the time.

Alien allegedly had a conversation with a friend in which he called Show’s fans shallow, which was overheard by the latter. They later addressed the issue on the programme but Alien’s management dismissed the rumours as them trying to entertain their viewers rather than them having a real argument over the matter.

Fellow Taiwanese entertainer Jay Chou was asked about the falling out at a recent event, to which he shared that while he does not keep in contact with Show, he hopes that the two can settle things amicably and return to their past relationship, which includes doing hosting gigs together. He mused, “There’s no such thing as enemies in the entertainment industry”.

While on the topic of Show, Hannah Quinlivan’s past love letter to the former was brought up once again. Jay’s wife previously wrote to her former idol on variety show Blackie’s Teenage Club to declare her teenage love for him. While both parties’ fans crossed swords over the reports in January, Jay stressed that all is well and that there are no grudges over the matter.

In related news, Hannah updated her personal Weibo with a picture of her carrying baby Hathaway on her back and eagle-eyed netizens spotted Jay in the background by noticing the couple masks they both donned.

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