Jay Chou officially releases baby’s portrait

Jay Chou revealed a portrait artwork of his “Little Chou Chou”

Jay Chou officially releases baby’s portrait

Since the birth of his daughter earlier this month (July 10), Taiwanese multi hyphenate Jay Chou has been extremely secretive about the baby’s appearance.

It was only yesterday that he released his baby’s portrait by sharing his online store J Concept’s artwork of “Chou Chou” on his official Facebook page Mr. J with a playful caption: “This is?”

The monochrome artwork shows a baby in printed diapers looking as though she is in deep thought, wearing a hat that has two large ears and reads “Chou Chou”.

Some netizens were very happy that they finally got to see at least a portrait of the baby, while others urged Jay to “hurry up and post a real photo of him and his daughter”.

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