Jay Chou pokes fun at Harlem Yu on The Voice of China

“You wouldn’t even give me a NT$100 (estimated S$5) tip,” said Jay Chou, on the show

Jay Chou pokes fun at Harlem Yu on The Voice of China

On the debut episode of The Voice of China last Friday, when Taiwanese multi hyphenate Jay Chou was trying to entice one of the contestants to join his team, he revealed a piece of embarrassing factoid about fellow mentor Harlem Yu.

Hinting at Harlem’s stingy mannerisms, Jay shared that the singer-songwriter “wouldn’t even give me a NT$100 (estimated S$5) tip” when he patronised a restaurant Jay was busking at during his pre-debut days.

Surprised by the new dad’s revelation, Harlem joked back, “As you can see, I’m very thrifty!”

Jay Chou pokes fun at Harlem Yu on The Voice of China

When Harlem accepted interviews yesterday, he revealed that he is not affected by what Jay said about him on the show. “The moment we finished the shoot, I paid him the $100 (S$22) - and I even paid him in RMB!” added Harlem, who continued to say that he does not mind that all the attention is on Jay.

When asked if he has congratulated Jay on the arrival of his baby, Harlem replied with a laugh, “He’s so secretive, he wouldn’t even reveal his child’s actual birth date. I think if I were to congratulate him on his daughter, he would reply me and say ‘Actually, it’s a boy!’”

Harlem added that he would definitely prepare a red packet for Jay and give it to him during the next recording. He joked, “I’m thinking of giving him a few RMB$100 (S$22) notes!”

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