Jay Chou reveals more about upcoming wedding

The entertainer is said to have pulled out all the stops for his wedding photos

Jay Chou reveals more about upcoming wedding

With the buzz about Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan’s upcoming nuptials increasing as the days go by, an increasing number of revelations about the entertainer’s big day have been revealed.

Appearing at a media event to promote his good friends’ new group, CUG, reporters honed in on the rumours surrounding his upcoming wedding.

Comprising of Ken, Xiao Mai and “Ice Cream”, of which the last-named divulged that he has peeked at their wedding photos. He described them as opulent with its styling reminiscent of music videos, unlike the usual suit-and-gown affairs that most lovebirds opt for.

“Ice Cream” is said to be the one who introduced Jay and Hannah. He shared that he was out with a few girls when Jay spotted Hannah, whom he felt looked refreshing and pure. After getting her number on her behalf, the two hit it off and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jay initially maintained that he was only there to support his friends but answered questions after being badgered by the media.

He confirmed that the wedding will take place before January 18 next year but has yet to propose to his girlfriend because of work commitments. The wedding will take place in Taiwan and in an undisclosed overseas location and will be held in a traditional fashion.

He declined to reveal the date and location, calling it a secret but promised that an announcement will be made before the ceremony takes place.

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