Jay Chou “rides off in the wind” with Hannah Quinlivan

Jay Chou went out on a date with his 5-month-pregnant wife Hannah Quinlivan on two separate vehicles

Jay Chou “rides off in the wind” with Hannah Quinlivan

Taiwanese star couple Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan have been the talk of the town since their series of wedding bashes. In April, they released the much-anticipated news of Hannah’s pregnancy and the two were last seen out on a date on Tuesday.

The singer-actor was seen riding his motorcycle slowly, dragging his pace. Upon closer scrutiny, witnesses noticed that it was because he was trying to be side by side with the SUV that his wife was seated in. He even rested his hand on the front passenger seat window romantically towards Hannah at one of the red light stops.

Judging by the basketball-sized belly that showed when she stepped out of the vehicle, many believe that the mother-to-be is at least five months pregnant.

That evening, while Jay was chatting with the boss at the motorcycle shop they had stopped at, Hannah immediately jumped into the driver’s seat of the car. Shortly after, Jay put on his helmet and rode away as Hannah followed in the car behind. It looked like a modern take of a romantic movie scene of a damsel riding off in the wind with her knight.

Additionally, Hannah was sporting a sweater and does not appear to have gained weight. Regarding this, Jay merely said, “I’ve got nothing much to say about that.” Hannah has mentioned last week that she does not want people to keep speculating about when her baby will be born as her due date is to be kept a secret.

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